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NeurOptimal® is an advanced Brain Training system designed to help optimize your life.

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What is

An Innovative Brain Training for Enhanced Living

At Flow Brain Health, we harness the power of NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® to fine-tune your mind. Our state-of-the-art system reads and responds to your brain's activity, offering real-time feedback to your central nervous system (CNS) about what your brain just has done. NeurOptimal® knows how to speak with your CNS  by using its own language and its  own way of thinking. That conversation brings back into  the feedback  loop important information so  your CNS can self-regulate and optimize your brain's performance.

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Relax  Regulate  Transform  Relax  Regulate  Transform
Relax  Regulate  Transform  Relax  Regulate  Transform

How it Works

A dance between your Cortical Activity
and the Algorithm

NeurOptimal® via EEG technology monitors at 256 per second, the electrical current that is emitted from the scalp. Through a mathematical process called Joint Time-Frequency Analysis (JTFA) it detects any turbulencies or changes present in your brain . Each time a change is detected,, the technology will generate some interruptions in the music you are listening to. When this is happening, you can trust your CSN to make the best use of this information. The more the CNS reacts and learns from that information the less likely it will return to past behaviours.Thanks for the Orienting Reflex we all have built in and which takes us naturally from a place of discomfort to a place of comfort.

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Information is Transformation

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Who's it for?

Personalized brain training for kids, adults and seniors.

NeurOptimal® is for anyone looking to enhance their quality of life, whether you're seeking relief from cognitive challenges or aiming to reach peak performance. It's a versatile tool that adapts to the unique needs of:

  • artists
  • athletes
  • executives
  • students
  • family dynamic
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • stress
  • addiction
  • learning disorders
  • stroke recovery
  • concussion
  • brain injury
  • migraines
  • insomnia
  • sleep disturbances
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Alzheimer's
  • Parkinson's
  • tinnitus
  • neurodivergence

Case Studies


Recent Experiences at Flow Brain Health

Revisiting the Idea of Aging

“I thought I was doing fine. Despite my age, my life and health were good. I decided to try some NeurOptimal sessions anyway. What a difference! I didn’t realize that my brain could work so much better. I just thought it was because I was getting older. My mind is clearer and more organized now’’
Stress Relief Through NeurOptimal

‘’I found myself under more and more stress to the point I was feeling very anxious, experiencing headaches and having a hard time falling asleep.I heard about NeurOptimal through a friend and decided to try it out. After the first session I noticed immediate results. I left the session with no headache and in a very relaxed state of mind.
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Concussion Symptoms

‘’On November 3rd, 2021 a dump truck clipped my E bike.  This resulted in a concussion & whiplash Concussions are difficult to treat. Most MDs & Physios have little training dealing with neurological injuries.Finding the right Physio helped. Yet the neurOptimal device made the first significant neurological improvement.  Accessing a rest and digest state helped heal memory, brain fog & some elements of PTSD’’
How to Stay Resilient Through Difficult Time 

‘’Late this Spring I was going through a rough time and I had a few sessions of NeurOptimal with Caroline Trepanier and I must say that it helped me relax, sleep better and more deeply. Each session, while putting me in a very relaxing state, gave me a lot of energy. I also noticed that it helped my inflammation a lot (I have bad knees). I highly recommend NeurOptimal to anyone going through hard times in their life, when our brain doesn’t want to stop worrying, being able to calm down is a gift."
Moving Ahead After a Concussion

‘’My family member sustained a serious concussion 5 years ago and although testing showed no sign of brain damage, they continued to struggle with emotional regulation and cognitive function. After just a couple of NeurOptimal sessions with Caroline, we began to notice improvements which have increased with each weekly session."
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My Body Feels Much Better after One Session!

‘’After my first session last night, I felt that calm feeling that one gets after a massage.Also, I felt able to walk better. I could suddenly walk more smoothly and easier than before. I’d often been feeling sort of slow and bloated, like my knees and legs and body were swollen. But now, my legs felt clear and as if I could have walked a good distance smoothly. After the session, I felt more energetic, but milder and more relaxed than a caffeine energy high, which is bouncy and the body just nearly creaks at the joints, lol! And my neck strain and any strain that went to my head was gone.
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Going Through Depression and Deep Grieving

"Since 2020, I have been grieving the loss of a family member, a best friend, and my dog.I also went through a divorce. All of these events happened within a very short period of time. It left me depressed and lifeless.I started to see a counselor. I also tried taking antidepressants but the drugs had strong side effects.I needed to find something natural. After 1 year of counseling trying to get back to my normal state of being, I discovered NeurOptimal. It helped me change the patterns in my brain and I started to feel better and more optimistic.
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Navigating Through Life's Challenges

"I was introduced to NeurOptimal at a time of my life filled with challenges and uncertainty. I felt I immediately benefitted from taking the time out of the day to pause and do something mindful for myself. The sessions felt deeply relaxing and visiting with Caroline was a highlight. During training my mind would wander, conjuring up images and thoughts and I’d watch them float away and on to the next. I felt an expansion above my eyes as if I had more space for thoughts, giving them room to just ‘be’. The weeks during and after my training, I felt more clarity and calm. I plan on continuing to see Caroline and delighting in how it supports me in the future."

Tinnitus : NeurOptimal as the biggest game changer! 

‘’I’ve had Tinnitus for the past year and as a Naturopathic Doctor I’ve tried a number of different strategies to help alleviate the ringing in my ears.NeurOptimal has been the biggest game changer in my recovery. By the 2nd Treatment I could notice my symptoms subsiding and I finally have hope that it will aid me on my path to healing."

My Healing Journey After A Stroke

 ‘’Based on talking with Caroline, I sensed that the Neuroptimal  approach might be of some benefit in recovering from recent health challenges.I did not realize how beneficial it would be. After a few sessions, lifelong behavioural patterns, such as being conflict avoidant, and others, were released, and I found that I was able to act on things that I had been delaying for a long time.  Physically, friends noticed that my balance as well as speed of walking, and talking had greatly improved and were back to normal.
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A tool that helps emotional regulation and grieving process

"I have a very busy and stressful job and I tend to get into a cycle of nonstop working. One of my main goals in trying NeuroOptimal was to get into and stay in a more regulated state. I am very happy to say that NeuroOptimal has helped me feel calmer and more focused at work and in life in general.
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The first real improvement after my car accident

‘’Forty years ago I was in a car accident which caused damage to my jaw. I spent years seeking help from many specialists, but experienced little or no relief. The pain and dysfunction in my jaw joint left me unable to adequately chew food, speak properly, and disrupted my sleep.
Two hours after my NeurOptimal session, I experienced some tingles and other sensations in my jaw, which indicated that something was changing. My teeth were lining up and coming together properly, and I was able to bite into and chew food like I could before the accident happened.  
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My tool to deal with anxiety

‘’I recently had several sessions of neurofeedback with Ms. Trepanier and have found that It has greatly helped me focus in my professional and private life and any anxiety I experienced in stressful situations to be much better managed than before. What I enjoyed the most was Caroline’s personal care to explain what NeurOptimal is, what exactly it does and its many benefits.’’ 


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You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf
You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf
You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf
You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf
You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf

Our Vision

At Flow Brain Health, we’re committed to empowering you with resilience and flexibility through cutting-edge brain training . Located in serene Ganges on Salt Spring Island, our studio is a sanctuary for growth and learning. Join us in our vision to help every mind thrive.

Meet Your Licensed Brain Health Trainer

Welcome to A Journey of Self Discovery and Healing

With over 25 years of meditation practice and fifteen years teaching yoga and meditation, my lifelong fascination has been the vast, uncharted territories of our minds. Have you ever pondered the mysteries locked within the 95% of our brain activity that remains outside of our conscious awareness? This question has propelled my personal quest for deeper self-knowledge and holistic healing since my youth.

Upon settling on Salt Spring Island six years ago, I embarked on an intensified healing journey. While my artistic endeavors kept me engaged and active, I delved into the wisdom of trauma specialists in my quest for growth.

I immersed myself in the teachings of luminaries like Gabor Maté, Richard Schwartz, Gordon Neufeld, Michael Stone, Stan Grof, Peter Levine, and Bessel Van Der Kolk. It was Van Der Kolk's work, particularly his insights in "The Body Keeps the Score," that introduced me to a transformative modality proven to aid war veterans in overcoming severe PTSD.

If such a technique could facilitate their healing, I was convinced it could also aid in my own.

Despite the benefits of talk therapy, meditation, bodywork, and nutritional balance, I yearned for a more profound transformation. Refraining from use of plant medicine and pharmaceuticals, I sought alternative paths to address the lingering effects of burnout and depression.

In February 2022, as a true Aries, I plunged headfirst into the realms of Holotropic Breathwork and Neurofeedback, determined to unearth and confront the root causes of my challenges.

My exploration led me to NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback, a modality I now regard as the most effective and respectful neurofeedback system for brain training and life transformation. It has become a pivotal tool in my journey, enabling me to become the best version of myself.

It's a privilege to share this powerful modality with you, to guide you along your path to wellness and self-fulfillment.

Caroline Trépanier


Please visit NeurOptimal.com for more in depth information and current scientific research.

What is the cost?

Price list

Discovery NeurOptimal session : $90 gst included (first session only)
Follow up NeurOptimal  sessions $115 gst included

10 sessions  $1000 gst included
20 sessions $1900 gst included 

System rental (unlimited sessions ) $1000\month + gst

Special NeurOptimal event (monthly) :book your session and bring a guest for free 
Parents \ children: book your session at regular price and get one session at 50% off for your child .

Free 30 minutes consultation in person or over the phone
Add $25 to book a session in the comfort of your home  
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What Does a session look like?

A typical session will start by welcoming you in my beautiful studio located in Ganges on Saltspring island. I will ask you a few questions about  why you want to start training your brain and I will ask you to fill up a form with a list of 100 symptoms you may experience at the moment. If you agree (highly recommended), I can take a short video of you (on your own phone) while you are talking  about how you are feeling right now and in which area of your life you would like to see shifts happening.

I will also introduce you how NeurOptimal®  is working and will answer all your questions. The system is a Surface Pro computer with a built- in mathematical software called NeurOptimal®, a Zamp plus 2 sensors and 3 clips that  are collecting  your cortical activity, and then a set of hardwired earbuds. The sensors and the clips and staying in place on your scalp and ears with a conductive paste.

The software will generate interruptions in the music and the only thing you have to do is relax during the whole session. You can also bring a book, reply to your email or work on an art project if you like. Training sessions  are absolutely effortless. All you have to do is  enjoy the 33.5 minutes session while your brain reorganizes itself.

After the session, we can discuss briefly about your experience and you are good to go. Most people feel very relaxed after a session, some are falling asleep  or in a meditative state during the session too. It’s all fine.

Is NeurOptimal® Canada health approved?

Yes it is considered safe to use NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®  as a wellness tool by Canada Health. Because every brain is different, we cannot predict how NeurOptimal®  can transform your life but my experience taught me that the vast majority of my clients get benefit between sessions 2 and 8 and significant benefits between 10-15 sessions. Depending on your goals, 20-40 sessions is a good average to help people experiencing life differently and some people would feel like training very intensively ( 2 times \ day for a month ) is what they need. Please note that NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®is a training tool and does not diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent or cure any disease, disorders or abnormal physical state, nor does it restore, modify or correct the body’s structure or functioning. If you require medical assistance, please seek the advice of your physician

What are the benefits I can get using NeurOptimal®?

Most of my clients reported improvement with their sleep habits, anxiety, learning ability, sport performances, eating and drinking habits, addictions,  mental clarity and energy , reduced ringing in the ears, migraines and headache relief, new outlook on life, better pain management,  and much more. It seems simple but when your nervous system functions better, several patterns in your central nervous system can shift,  opening opportunities for new neural  pathways to be created.

  • Relief from stress
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Heightened mental clarity and focus
  • More responsiveness and less reactivity
  • Anxiety and depression relief
  • Anti-aging and brain fitness
  • Improved physical performance
  • More calm, ease and joy